Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Not Too Much If Things Make A Good Match

It's winter time again and cold gusts of wind have swept the Dubai sandpit. Though it doesn't snow, the mercury dips in the desert too. So it's high time to layer and bundle up!

What I am wearing:
beanie - bought from a souvenir store in a Baguio City, Philippines
striped green shirt - R&B
sleeveless button-up shirt - 
bought from a second hand shop 
in Baguio City, Philippines
skinny jeans - Splash Fashions
sweater jacket - Splash Fashions
hi top sneakers - Max Fashions
A colleague once told me that with clothes, we should stick to up to 3 colors. But sometimes, we can explore beyond 3 hues. And that is the time fashion and styling sense are challenged. It may be too much but if the colors make a good match then the outfit will not go wrong. With this outfit, I chose to combine light shades of brown, green, red and black. 

I didn't bring a digital camera or a DSLR so I relied on the iPhone 5S camera. Here is a closeup shot of the accessories I wore. Not bad isn't it?

rosary beads - souvenir shop in Baguio
watch - Seiko
braided bracelet - Penshoppe

With good lighting, the camera takes decent photos but the flash isn't reliable on low light areas and if the subject is too far. 

I hope to add more bursts of fun on my subsequent outfits. Until next post!

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