Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ma'a as-salaama 2013, marhaba 2014!

I have been working in the Middle East for more than 4 years and I have been grateful for the experiences and the things I have learned. I got to know more about different cultures and the people, got used to the hot and humid weather during summers, and explore more the fashion side of me! Another year is about to end and I want to welcome 2014 with high hopes! 

The cold winter days became chillier so its fitting to bundle up when I will watch the Burj Khalifa light up with fireworks tonight! I'm gonna be wearing this outfit throughout the day.
What I am wearing:
snapback - UCLA, gift from my sister
pullover - Mossimo, thrifted
scarf - Keffiyeh (a traditional Middle Eastern headdress)
double breasted, zip up, textured vest - Lee Cooper, Splash Fashions
 pants - Lee Cooper, Splash Fashions

Shoes - Max Fashions
Coffee to-go to beat the mid-day drowsiness, hehe, and the Keffiyeh was so wide and long that I had to coil it up around my neck twice!
 I love the texture of the vest which perfectly matched the textured shoes.
Credits to my friend who took these pictures. She certainly had the eye for photography and I encouraged her to pursue it.
The blog post title is in Arabic and if you guessed it right, it means goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

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