Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Butterflies Arrived and Thawed Winter

We are enjoying the last few days of winter in Dubai for soon, hot and humid days will start. Dubai, being a small speck of the vast Middle East desert, doesn't experience the four seasons. But it gets cold and breezy in the winter and very humid in summers. As the mercury slightly increases, outfits become less layered. In this look, I decided to combine dark and light colors.

What I am wearing:
beanies - Max Fashions
shirt - H&M
waistcoat - Max Fashions

 pants - Lee Cooper, Splash Fashions
shoelaces - New Yorker
I bought the shirt from H&M eons ago but its one of my favorites.  The print is a collage of butterflies in a human skull. It's like telling a story that when the butterflies arrived, winter was killed and spring bloomed. The waistcoat from Max Fashions is made of cotton and soft, not the usual stiff and formal one. Best for street style look.

 Combining dark and light tones makes a cool statement. Adding a smile makes it more cool. :)

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