Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feels Like New!

What better way to freshen up an old high tops than use bright orange shoelaces! I so love these pair of sneakers that I wore them in 2 of my previous posts. But then the all-black feeling was so boring that when I was scouring for clothes in Dubai Mall, I chanced upon these bright colorful shoelaces from New Yorker and didn't hesitate buying.

What I am wearing:
high tops - Max Fashions
shoelaces - New Yorker
loop scarf - Splash Fashions
 shirt - Max Fashions
 pants - Splash Fashions
I like to mix bright or neon colors with blacks, grays or neutrals. This way the colors pop. The winter cold air is still hovering in Dubai so its fitting to layer up so I wore this wool loop scarf. A great find from Splash!

This is officially my first post for 2014. And its been two months since my last post! Fashion is still my interest so I definitely have to update my blog every now and then. Until next post and a hello from me to you! ;)

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